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For all tattoo inquires, please email:

Within your email please answer the following questions; filling in this criteria will help tremendously in working with you faster!

  1. What overall concept do you have in mind for your tattoo? (i.e. a skull with mushrooms, a pet portrait, flowers, etc.)

  2. In inches, what are the rough dimensions of the size you're looking to get this tattoo? 

  3. Where on your body are you looking to get this tattoo?

  4. Colored piece or black and grey?

  5. Do you have a preferred style that you'd love to see this design in? Or would you want artist interpretation? 

  6. Do you have particular budget you are trying to stay within?

  7. Other forms of contact that I can reach back to you (i.e. phone number, email, Instagram etc)  

  8. Attach as many inspiration images as you'd like to help me form a better idea as to what you're looking for! 

My assistant, Autumn, will be with you as soon as possible once you send your email. The more information you include will make it easier for us to correspond together and with you with a more accurate price/availability for the tattoo! 

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