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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How do I set up an appointment? 

A: Please send tattoo inquiries to 

Please refer to the "BOOKING" tab to see the email criteria. Once I (or my assistant, Autumn) have reached back out to you, I will either ask to meet for a consult to solidify your idea, or if you'd like to set an appointment.

To set an appointment I require a $100 non-refundable deposit. No deposit = no appointment.  

Q: How far our do you typically book?

A: on average I am booked almost two months out in advanced, weekends are almost two and a half months booked out. with that being said, I highly suggest that if my art tickles your fancy, the sooner you can send me and email the better chances I have of getting you in sooner. my assistant and I will keep an eye out for any earlier openings, but nothing is guaranteed! 

Q: What are your prices?
A: Minimum = $200

Hourly rate = $200

Full day (10 hours) = $1,800

*quote for tattoos are based on a rough estimate of how long I think the design may take.
** I understand budgets and can happily work with you and your budget

Q: Can you do cover-ups? 

A: I don't mind cover-ups, only if I feel confident that I can properly work with existing ink! If I can not design a design to cover (due to the existing tattoo being too dark, too large etc.) I will be sure to communicate why and may suggest getting it lightened via laser removal before I work on it. 

Scars are their own breed of cover-ups; I would ask to meet in person to psychically feel the scar. 9 times out of 10, scars can easily be hidden within a design. 

Q: Do you do walk-ins?

A: No- I work in an appointment only shop. The only times we do walk-ins is during rare walk-in events. Those are posted on my social media accounts weeks leading up to those events. ​

Q: If a friend/another artist draws me a design, can you tattoo it? 

A: I would love to! I will ask for permission to tattoo another artists design for respect of the artist- and to ensure that I have their permission!


Q: What available designs do you have?

A: Please look on my Instagram and look through the saved highlights under my bio to see what designs I have that I would like to do! I also have a physical portfolio at the shop that is full of unclaimed designs begging for a home, and those designs are constantly changing!

Q:Where are you located?

A: Currently I am working out of Hath No Fury tattoo, located at 204 W Grant Rd. Suite 104! If there 

Still have some questions? Please reach out!

Instagram: @desert_moose 

Facebook: Desert Moose 


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