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Cancelations/No Shows : 

Life happens, and that's understandable- but to ensure some security on my end there is some rules in play. If you are to no show the day of, an additional deposit is required to book a future appointment. If you call to reschedule with two weeks notice, the deposit will be happily carried over to the next appointment. If you need to reschedule the same week/same day and communicate, the deposit may be transferred but it is very case to case. The more time I know in advance the better.

If you need to cancel, no deposits are refunded.


Absolutely no refunds. This includes gift certificates, deposits, and any/all payment towards a tattoo. 
If there is any issues or dissatisfaction, please reach out so I can see where I can help out. 

Cash ONLY when coming to tattoo payment, meaning that if any digital transaction is needed (Zelle, Venmo, etc.) a 4% charge will be added to cover transaction fees and taxes! 
Deposits are totally ok being digital WITHOUT a fee!
If you need an estimate on the additional fee, please let me know and I will happily give that information! 

Gift Certificates: 
Gift certificates expire a year after the date of purchase. 
Gift certificates may not cover the entire cost of a tattoo- so if you're looking to purchase a tattoo for a friend and need an estimate to fully cover the cost- I will happily work with you to ensure the proper cost is covered in the gift certificate. 
No refunds on gift certificates, they can be regifted to others but to keep track of them, I would love notice!


I do not share designs until day of at the appointment! This is to ensure designs are not taken somewhere else! (Not saying you will, but it has been done to me before!
I work hard on my designs to ensure that you get a design that is unique and not currently on someone else's skin! If day of, you would want alterations to the design, PLEASE let me know! Even if you absolutely hate it, I will not tattoo a design you as a client are not 110% with! You are in control of everything, it is my job to execute your vision! 

You will never be charged for the design, the deposit goes towards my time drawing! If I need to completely redraw a design, you will not be asked for an additional drawing fee.




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